Our Latest Rescues!

Rescued horses, donkeys, goats and other animals come to us from a variety of places.

At Mountainview, we always need help. Our rescued animals depend entirely on donations from generous and kind-hearted people just like YOU! We provide a variety of ways to contribute, as you will see throughout the site.

We can’t do it without your help. Please donate what you can. Even a little means a LOT.

Pay for Medical Treatment – $ You Decide

Miniature Horse Gets Checkup at Colorado State UniversityYou probably already know how expensive vet bills can be. Some of our rescues need a LOT of attention. Some have been abused, others neglected, some have cuts and injuries from the horrible transportation conditions. Whatever you can afford – we’re always grateful. A $100 donation allows you to pick your own gift from our gift store!


Take a Horse out to Dinner – $25

hand-feeding_300x300Your donation of $25 buys a horse food for a week! By donating $75, you’ll feed a horse for an entire month! Bump up your donation to $100 and you’ll feed the horse for a month AND receive a free logo t-shirt from the MountainView Rescue store!


Buy a Horse a Bed – $20

sleeping_horses_300x300Your moderate gift of $20 buys enough straw to fully line a stall. Bedding not only makes a comfortable bed for the horse, the bedding also helps to insulate and maintain body heat during the cold Pennsylvania winters.


Shoe a Horse – $45

Farrier_at_work_400x400Everybody needs a comfortable pair of shoes. Horses need two pair! Farrier services are expensive (like everything else these days, wouldn’t you agree?). Your donation of $45 will pay for two shoes, for one horse. Horses spend almost all their time on their feet/ Help make it more comfortable!


Stay Informed!
Whenever we have a new rescue, fundraiser, or there's other important news - we'll let you know!
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